Success, strategy and leadership excellence

Lemgo, 30 April, 2024

Last Wednesday, all managers of the Brasseler company met at the Phoenix Contact Arena in Lemgo.

The company’s values are the foundation of its strategic success. True to the motto “Process excellence requires leadership excellence”, the managers reflected the employee and management guidelines developed upon the values.

“Developing leadership excellence in line with the guidelines is an ongoing process. We actively engage with our experiences as managers. This gives us the opportunity to improve and be economically successful,” explains Stephan Köhler, CEO.

The day was an important step for further strategic alignment. The importance of the topic was underlined by the participation of Anke Niehus, representing the shareholder family.

Special thanks go to the 22 employees who were involved in the development of the values and guidelines, as well as to Björn Hartmann, Sebastian Kloppe and Carolin Schröder for the conception and support of the entire process.

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