European elections | This concerns all of us

Lemgo, 27 May, 2024

In the European elections on June 9, we – each and every one of us – will lay the foundation for our future in Europe and in Germany.

We firmly believe that diversity makes us strong. Right-wing extremism, racism and xenophobia, which equals human phobia, have no place in our society.

Almost exactly on the day of the 75th anniversary of the German constitution, a shocking video shot on the island of Sylt, a rather upmarket holiday resort on the German North Sea coast, went viral. The video shows people celebrating while chanting slogans that are blatantly directed against our Basic Constitutional Law. The footage makes it clear that racism exists across all levels of society.

This concerns all of us

If anti-democratic parties gain influence and power in Europe, the impact on our society and economy will be immense. In a recent study [1], the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (German Economic Institute) calculated the economic consequences we would have to expect if Germany were to leave the EU:

  • Loss of 2.5 million jobs within the first five years
  • The economy will shrink by 5.6%
  • The total damage by then: 690 billion euros.

We vote in order to ensure that Germany remains a free, democratic country. And a strong economic location in a united Europe.

As a company, we encourage everyone to exercise their democratic rights. Can we count you in?

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