To improve your chances:

Hand in your application as early as possible.

If you have decided to apply for an apprenticeship with us, we should be in receipt of your application at least a year before the intended start of your apprenticeship.

We prefer to receive your application online. 

Your application should include:

  • an accompanying letter indicating your aspired career
  • your CV
  • a copy of your last 3 school reports

Why not apply the easy way - online.

Multi-level selection procedure

We follow a multi-level selection procedure to help us find the best candidates. You will be sent an invitation to a pre-selection test shortly after we have received your application. Don’t worry, the test is not particularly difficult and is not the only selection criterion. Suitable applicants are then invited to a personal interview. The training vacancies are allocated based on the results of these interviews.

If you have any questions – please ask!



Mr Dietmar Reiland



Mr Bernd Strate